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Online Store For Fundraisers

1.) We help you select items that are in stock.
2.) We send you mockups of each item for approval.
3.) Once art is approved start building the store.

4.) When we finish building the store, we will email you a flyer that has a hyper link and QR code in it so you can email or print it.
5.) We recommend keeping it open no longer than 2 weeks.
6.) You decide how much to add to our price for your fundraising. (we recommend $4 per item.

7.) Once the  store closes, the orders will be ready in approx. 3 weeks.

8.) We will have them individually seperated for you in bags, so its easy for you to hand out. 
9.) Advantages are no guessing sizes and no left overs.

10.) We individually bag your orders for you.

custom apparel printing, custom embroidery, custom banner printing
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